[ENG] Announcement for IMFACT's White Day Special "Online Fan Meeting" event!

最終更新: 4月11日

Thank you for participating in ONEWORLD's event.

We have an announcement to hold IMFACT's White Day Special "Online Fan Meeting" event!

The Online Fan Meeting to be held this coming March will be full of fun events to celebrate White Day! We've prepared a lot for this upcoming fan meeting to give all the participating fans an enjoyable time. Don't miss this opportunity to make fun memories and spend an unforgettable time with the members!

Check the following for details♪

■Date and Time: Mar.15, 2021 (MON)

*Please check the event summary below for the detailed time of each event.

※Taeho, LeeSang, and Ungjae will be participating, and all members' events will progress at the same time.

■ Pre-Order period: Feb.15, 2021 (MON) 12:00 PM JST to Feb.23, 2021 (TUES) 11:59 PM JST

★ Payment period: Feb.15, 2021 (MON) to Feb.24, 2021 (WED)

(1) Online Fansign Session

Scheduled Time: 4:00 PM JST ~START

・Online Fansign Ticket (4,000 yen)


Online Fansign (Individual sign from 1 member of your choice on a Limited Official Photocard + Customer's name + 1 line message) -For each purchase of an Online Fansign Ticket, the video call time with the member chosen will be within 60 seconds.

(You can select which member you would like to get a sign from on the Online Fansign Ticket purchase page)

※Name + Signature + Message will be written only on the front side of the Limited Official Photocard. Please note that it is not possible to fill in the backside.

※The number of Online Fansign Tickets is limited to [100 units] per member.

All customers who purchase an Online Fansign Ticket will receive a "White Day Special Digital Message Card (1 type per member) as a present!★

(White Day Special Digital Message Card will be sent digitally to the customer's LINE/Skype account registered. One Digital Message Card of the member chosen will be sent digitally. Only one image will be sent to each customer and it cannot be re-sent even if the storage period has expired.)

(2) Raffle Event

Scheduled Time: 7:00 PM JST ~START

・Raffle Ticket (2,000 yen)


*You can participate in the raffle once for each raffle ticket.

*The number of raffle tickets is limited to [200 tickets] per member.

*The raffle event will be broadcast live on ONEWORLD CHANNEL! Watch from the link below↓


*Winners will be announced during the live broadcast in the link above. Prizes will be sent directly to the customer's LINE/Skype account at a later date. (It will take up to 2 weeks to be sent.)

★★Purchase 5 raffle tickets at the same time to get a +1 bonus draw!★★

<Raffle Event Prize contents / no lose>

1st prize: Member's personal belonging (Customer's name + autographed)

2nd prize: Original 20-second Video

3rd prize: Original 10-second Voice Message

4th prize: Raffle Event Limited Video (5 types in total)

5th grade: Raffle Event Limited Voice Message (4 types in total)

6th grade: Raffle Event Limited Selfie (10 types in total)

※Please note that the prizes of the certain member who draws the raffle at that time will be given.

(3) KakaoTalk Secret Chat Room

Scheduled Time: 9:00 PM JST ~START

・Chat Room Ticket (3,000 yen for each member)


*A live chat event will be held by all participating customers and one member using KakaoTalk's open chat room!

*Please note that there will be no interpreter while the chat is in progress.

*For each Chat Room Ticket purchased, the chat time with the member will be within 10 minutes.

*If you would like to participate, please install and register to KakaoTalk in advance.

★★Customers who purchase Chat Room Tickets will receive an off-shot of the member while they`re chatting♪★★

↓ Participation in Online Fan Meeting Event ↓

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■ Project / Sponsorship / Production: ONEWORLD Co., Ltd.

■ Cooperation: StarEmpire Entertainment

■ Ticket sales / Ticket Site Management: MAIN BASE Co., Ltd.

■ Contact Mail: contact.oneworldent@gmail.com