[ENG] IMFACT Taeho Solo Single Album Release Special Merchandise Sale Announcement!

最終更新: 7月13日

◆◆◆ IMFACT Taeho Solo Single Album Release Special Postcard Book 1,500 YEN

Product composition: Postcard Book made with 22 Postcards / 1 Random Photocard (with a chance of winning a Handwritten Message Card <inserted randomly>)

★★★Postcard Book Purchaser Benefits★★★

A total of 60 fans will be invited to the Special Fansign Event via lottery from those who purchased the Postcard Book!!

(1) For fans who live in Korea: Invitation to an Offline Fansign Event (limited to 30 fans)

Scheduled date: Sunday, July 25, 2021

(2) For fans who live outside Korea: Invitation to an Online Fansign Event (60 seconds) (limited to 30 fans)

Scheduled date: Sunday, July 25, 2021

* For the winners, a message will be sent for details on how to participate, detailed time, venue, etc.

* The number of Postcard Book(s) purchased will be automatically applied to the lottery.

*As a measure against the novel coronavirus infection, the “offline signing event” may be changed to an “online signing event”. Please note in advance.

Winners Announcement: Will be announced at a later date.

◆◆◆ Original Folding Umbrella (2 colors, limited to 30 for each color) 3,800 YEN

Product Details: Folding Umbrella with Taeho’s logo printed / 2 colors: Black and Navy


■ Merchandise Sales Period:

■ Sales Period: July 13, 2021 (TUE) 12:00 to July 19, 2021 (MON) 23:59

★ Payment Period: July 13, 2021 (TUE) to July 20, 2021 (TUE)

■ Where to purchase the merchandise

◇ (For fans living in Japan, fans who can deposit money into a Japanese bank account)

Available from ONEWORLD Official Website, <GOODS> page


* Delivery within Japan: Cash on delivery.

◇ (For fans living in Korea, fans who live outside Japan/Korea, who can deposit money into a Korean bank account)

Sales reception email address: contact.oneworldent@gmail.com

* Available from the above sales period. Scroll down for more details and check the precautions.

* Delivery to Korea: Cash on delivery.

/ Delivery to countries other than Japan and South Korea: Please pay for the overseas shipping fee (3000 yen) in advance.

■ Subject: [IMFACT TAEHO GOODS Purchase application]

(*If the subject of the mail is not as written above, it will not be accepted*)

■ In the text, type in ① Your name, ② Nationality / Zipcode / Address, ③ Phone number, ④ Email address, ⑤ If you win the lottery, enter the name you want the artist to write during the fansign event (within 6 characters in Hiragana or Hangeul or Alphabet), ⑥ KAKAO TALK ID ⑦ Items you want to purchase and the number of quantity. Ex.) 2 Postcard Books / 2 Folding Umbrella (1 Navy, 1 Black)

■ Organizer / Planning / Production: ONEWORLD Co., Ltd.

■ Cooperation: Starempire Entertainment

■ Contact Mail: contact.oneworldent@gmail.com

* For all inquiries regarding goods sales, please contact the email address written above.

* We do not accept inquiries regarding the lottery or winning events.

*** Precautions when applying*** Please be sure to read.

* There is no limit to the number of sales for Postcard Books. Folding umbrellas will be on sale for a limited time, so please be aware that sales may end early as soon as the limit is reached.

* Please be sure to enter your [KAKAO TALK ID] when applying.

* Please note that we will not be able to respond to inquiries regarding the customer`s incomplete details at the time of purchase for any reason. (Please note that we cannot provide information on how to set a KAKAO TALK ID.)

= If you reorder due to incomplete entries or if you did not receive the application confirmation email and reorder, please be sure to add that information to the remarks column when reordering.

Precautions during deposit *** Please be sure to read.

*When making a transfer, please be sure to make the transfer with the same name used during the pre-order application. (If the name of the application and the name used to transfer are different, it will be invalid even if the transfer is completed.)

* Please be sure to specify the last 3 digits of the order number before the transfer name.

* Please be sure to transfer within the payment period.

* Only items for which the transfer is confirmed within the payment period will be valid.

* For any reason, the lottery ticket that can be received right at the time of purchasing the Postcard Book will be invalid if the payment is transferred after the payment deadline. We will be unable to refund the application that is judged to be invalid.

= Please note that if payment is delayed, you will not be able to participate in the lottery in any case even if you make payment at a later date.

* Your application will be completed when you receive the payment confirmation email. Please wait for the item to arrive.

* Please note that we cannot be held responsible for payments that are not reflected in the product purchase due to inaccuracies in the payment process.

* We are not responsible for any duplicate payments due to improper operation by the customer, so please be cautious when making transfers.

* For other questions or inquiries, please contact the following e-mail address.

■ Mail: contact.oneworldent@gmail.com