[ENG] Announcement for B.I.G's 4th Online Fansign Event!

最終更新: 4月11日

Thank you for participating in ONEWORLD's event.

We have an announcement to hold B.I.G's 4th Online Fansign Event!

"Online Fansign Event" is an event where fans and members hold an online autograph session in a one-on-one, face-to-face format. Please check the following for details♪

※The number of Online Fansign Event Tickets is limited to [150 units] per member.

※Participating members will differ depending on the scheduled date, so please make sure to check the details.

■ Date and Time: Feb.27, (SAT) and 28 (SUN) 2021, 6:00 PM JST ~ START

27th (SAT) Participating members: Minpyo, J-Hoon, Jinseok

28th (SUN) Participating members: Heedo, Gunmin

■ Pre-Order period: Feb.11, 2021 (THUR) 12:00 PM JST to Feb.18, 2021 (THUR) 11:59 PM JST

★ Payment period: Feb.11, 2021 (THUR) to Feb.19, 2021 (FRI)

■ Online Fansign Event Exclusive Merchandise:

-Online Fansign Event Ticket (4,000 yen)

Online Fansign (Individual sign from 1 member of your choice on a Limited Official Photocard + Customer's name + 1 line message) -For each purchase of an Online Fansign Event Ticket, the video call time with the member chosen will be within 60 seconds.

(You can select which member you would like to get a sign from on the Online Fansign Event Ticket purchase page)

※Name + Signature + Message will be written only on the front side of the Limited Official Photocard. Please note that it is not possible to fill in the backside.

As an additional purchase privilege for this time's event, ★★3 lucky fans per member chosen via lottery will win a Handwritten Message Card from a member as a present! (Customer's name + Original message)★★

*The progress of the lottery event is scheduled [from 5:00 PM JST on the day of the Online Fansign Event]

You can watch it at ONEWORLD YOUTUBE CHANNEL (https://www.youtube.com/c/ONEWORLDCHANNEL). Don't miss it!♪

*The lottery will proceed according to the pre-order purchase number. The number of units (tickets) purchased for each member will be automatically applied to the lottery.

*The Handwritten Message Card will be sent at the same time when the other signed merchandise is sent.

☆☆PLUS!! When all members' Online Fansign Tickets are sold out, "B.I.G Mini Fan Meeting" will be held♪ With gratitude to all the fans! We promise to hold "B.I.G Mini Fan Meeting"☆☆

*The Mini Fan Meeting is scheduled to be held around March~April, and will be announced separately when the event is decided.

*The Mini Fan Meeting will be held when payment for all applications is confirmed.

↓ Purchase of Online Fansign Event Ticket ↓

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■ Project / Sponsorship / Production: ONEWORLD Co., Ltd.,


■ Ticket sales / Ticket Site Management: MAIN BASE Co., Ltd.

■ Contact Mail: contact.oneworldent@gmail.com